If the gray, lifeless cubicles of your office look like something out of a ’50s newspaper comic, it’s time to join the 21st century with fresh inventions and dynamic technology. Here are just seven ways to bring your entire business into the new age.

1: Virtual Phone System

Get rid of your expensive, outdated land line by moving all of your communication to the digital realm. You’ll still enjoy all the same features as traditional phones, including caller CD, voicemail messaging and *69, but you’ll also have the added benefits and conveniences of an automated system.

2: Cloud Computing

Networking all your computers through cloud will allow your entire office to go paperless. Just think of all the money you’ll save in a single year without having to pay for printing, scanning, faxing and filing.

3: Plasma Screens

It’s definitely an investment, but if you can mount a large, 75″ flat screen television in your conference room, you’ll never again have to struggle with projector cords or badly-lit PowerPoint presentations. It will also make a great impression on guests.


Having problems with stolen office goods? Or maybe you’re just angry that someone keeps parking in your spot. CCTV will give you the chance to regain control of your workplace through constant video surveillance. Click here to learn more about incorporating it in your building.

5: Analytics Software

Another automated system that will severely lighten your load, analytics software can track everything from your daily expenditures to the web traffic received on your company’s social media accounts. Advanced analytics can even offer real-time data by the minute.

6: Halogen Light Bulbs

This may seem like a small, trivial thing, but studies have shown that bright lights actually stimulate a wakefulness response in the brain. If everyone in your office is zoned out after lunch, turning on a few lamps equipped with halogen bulbs can boost their energy and attention.

7: Tablets

Once a luxury item, tablets are becoming a professional necessity as more and more people use them as replacement laptops. Not only are they useful and versatile, but they’ll keep you connected to your staff 24/7, too.

When it comes to keeping your business ahead of the curve, sometimes you can fix it by throwing money at it. Use this list to bring your company forward by a few decades and poise everyone on the cutting edge of the future.