The American company has decided to permanently change the model of selling their products. It is just a licensing system that seemed to be doing well, and change it by a membership system, most related course, with the new form of products. From now on, the cloud will be much more in mind when working with photographs. They have also announced that there will be no Photoshop CS7, but it all later versions are CC (Creative Cloud).

The change is permanent because Adobe has announced that although repair the bugs that may arise in Photoshop C6, no new updates. So we have to get used to the new way of working that proposes Adobe, certainly very much in keeping with the times.


You will not have to pay a full license to enjoy only the applications that we know you’ll use. That is, now we can subscribe to only the applications that we want, which evidently thought necessary. Furthermore, as stated above, Adobe is going to serve the cloud to work. This does not imply that we need necessarily be connected to use our programs as they will be installed on the computer, but it can synchronize with other devices and work in groups with other people though we are thousands of miles away. This Adobe offers cloud storage with related capacity according to what we pay, as all companies.


Adobe has made available to its customers the prices that will have different subscription forms. As individuals will have the option of 30 days free trial with limited access to services. For 24, 59 € / month you can get a full version of a particular application with 20 GB of cloud storage and € 61.49 / month you have access to all applications indefinitely. Customers who already have licenses previous CS can accommodate various special offers.

Regarding plans for teams and companies, they will be more expensive as they will also have more storage in the cloud. The standard price is 86.09 € / month per user, although there will be special offers for users with earlier versions of CS.

For the education sector, but only until June 25 if you are a student or teacher will have access to the full version of Adobe from € 19.99 / month. For equipment the price is € 43.04 / month per user.

At first glance it looks good. We’ll see if over time the users are happy with the new business model proposed by Adobe. What is certain is that, for now, will be more difficult to pirate the product, one of the objectives of the company in San Jose?