Last week, Rovio published in his blog today published a story that would be to the delight of many fans, and after a long weekend of waiting came the news. They have announced that their next game will be a remake of the famous Angry Birds Star Wars to be released on September 19 in the app stores worldwide.

This new game prequels address the movies and say they will bring new never seen before in the saga of Angry Birds. One of these developments is the ability to play with up to 30 different characters. They have also announced a series of figures called Telepods that can be scanned in real time by a camera phone or tablet and will allow the user to switch characters at any time during the game.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

You can see a video demonstration of the Telepods in the Youtube video below

Another great new feature that will appeal to many users is the ability to choose which side they can be, thus changing the story and characters.

Rovio has also announced the release of new merchandise such as stuffed animals, books, figures, etc. because of Angry Birds Star Wars 2. They will hit the market on September 19 with the Telepods.

In the coming weeks have confirmed posting more news for all fans of the series, so be attentive. At the moment it is unknown whether any platform will not get the game, but it is assumed that the main as iOS, Android and Windows Phone it will be available on September 19.

Also unknown any details related to the price, but it is very likely to continue the current line to launch a free version supported by ads and one without advertising under a cost.

Are you a fan of Angry Birds? What do you think this news by Rovio?