In the future it is quite possible that we control objects with the mind. And it sounds like science fiction the truth is that we are moving in leaps and bounds. Today we present an application designed to use the Google Glass with the mind, with no voice and no hands, just thinking.

MindRDR is an online application that allows Google Glass control this device with your mind. To do this you need another device called Neurosky that would be connected to our head and glasses. The biosensor Neurosky collects brainwaves that relate to his ability to concentrate. The application then translates these into a measuring brain waves superimposed on the camera view in Google Glass.

Google Glass

Thus the more we focus; the meter goes up and performs Google Glass photography. And if we turn to concentrate again, the measured back up, and this photograph is uploaded to Twitter.

Why the mind?

Application developers claim that the mind is the perfect element to control a device such as the Google Glass. For them the voice is totally unnatural. Having to say ‘Take a picture’ to take a picture is not the most normal.

And the touch interface of the Google Glass is not as comfortable, hands are just tired, and in fact, neither is very natural and intuitive. Thus by controlling the mind glasses would be the perfect solution, but of course for achieving this will take time and money.

Currently we have a very rudimentary form of taking a picture and upload it to Twitter, but little else. Of course, applications that have a function like this would be virtually endless, and much more convenient for people with limited mobility.

For now, if you have the Neurosky, worth only 71 pounds in the United Kingdom, as the application is free. Yes, the Google Glass is still going price as around $ 1,000.