Photos and videos are two of the more content we generate today, either from our phones or cameras. Files that usually are downloaded from both devices to avoid taking up all the storage space, have a backup or even edit and retouch from the PC. To do this, we will have to resort to an application that allows us to do what we want.

There are many alternatives in this sense that we will not speak at this time, however, we want to show a couple of tools that are going to help to add subtitles to our videos. One of them will give us the ability to insert subtitles and that these will separate the video into your SRT file, while the other will allow us to embed the video itself permanently.



Free heramienta developed by Alter with which we will be able to add subtitles to a video very easily. Just by launching the application and clicking on the button shown at the bottom of the window, Add files, you can select both the video and the file with subtitles. Once this is done, just click on the start button and start multiplexing the bonding process.


Another free application in this case will allow us to embed subtitles into the video file itself permanently. Once we have installed in our computer tool, the run and select the video that we want to add subtitles. At the time we add the video, we will enable a new Edit button from which you can import the file, and then .SRT select the destination path for the output file.

Once done, click on the Encode button which will start the process of including subtitles in the video permanently automatically. Depending on the size of the video, the process may take more or less, but the truth is that the result is very good and does not require any prior knowledge about such actions. You can download VidCoder from this same link.