The development cycle of the next version of the popular multimedia center, we talk about Kodi in version 17, also known as Krypton, is constantly evolving. In fact, few hours ago the new Beta 6 version that includes the correction of several major errors and implementation problems over the past few weeks have been reported by users was launched.

This latest Beta comes a month after the release of the fifth version of the software with hard work behind it. In addition, it is that developers and major program managers have had to overcome 20 issues regarding the previous Beta entity, which we highlight a block from the list of EPG channels that some users were experiencing or memory loss when made use of content with subtitles. In addition, they have been corrected compatibility issues with the passage of time users of different for more have been reported, where emphasis has been placed on memory leaks detected in the management of the functions of the playback image.

new beta 6 kodi 17

Thus the changes that have been taking place in this sixth beta are the result of the continuous efforts of developers Kodi, whether from the equipment itself or by the collaborators of the project, all before getting launch 17 final version and make it available to everyone. To go achieving improvements in stability and problem solving, as usual it is essential the help of all those willing to try the Beta versions and report errors that are detected in the compilation.

On the other hand, in the sixth version Beta of Krypton, they have also corrected several errors that were happening when reading labels on music files, support for drivers or failures in the conversion of values of the music labels.

There is no doubt that all these changes will be much appreciated by the millions of regulars at this software around the globe, and for all those who wish to try as soon as possible the new Beta with the above corrections, we put in link here so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. Also worth mentioning that this is a project that can download the binaries for systems Linux, MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Android and other supported platforms.

Finally, we say that we must take into consideration that this is still a beta version of the software, so you may still present some failures. With everything and thanks to the collaboration of all it is expected that the final version Kodi 17 can be launched early next year 2017.