Security firm Panda Security reports that a new Android ransomware called Charger has recently been discovered that stands out as being the one that calls for a more expensive rescue to give the victim control over his device. If you are up to date on news related to cyber security, you should know that ransomware is the main and most dangerous threat in our day. Many devices can suffer their attack including computers mobile phones tablets and even Smart TV.

ransomware for Android

According to the Panda Security report, ransomware Charger has spread through a malicious application that pretended to be an app to save battery. It was called Energy Rescue and until recently it could be downloaded from Google Play.

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Once installed, malware copied all the data on the mobile phone including calendar numbers, SMS, access to social networks, bank accounts or credit cards. Charger then blocked the terminal and showed the victim a message stating that the criminals had all the information of their friends and family in order to pressure them to pay the ransom.

As explained by the experts of Panda Security, this virus is characterized by being the ransomware for mobile phones that calls for a more expensive rescue. Although there are some examples that only request about to ensure that the victims make the payment in this case the attackers asked for no less than 0.2 bitcoins, at the current change to return the user control of their smartphone.

To avoid being a victim of ransomware on your mobile install only applications from official stores and taking into account that sometimes also run into malware stores apps always read reviews and ratings of other people before downloading. All software is very important for various purposes.