The supplements Chrome no longer able to manage the page entering chrome: // plugging/. The next update of the browser Google, for the version of Chrome 57 will put an end to a shortcut that for years has made life easier for everyone who wanted to access a simple way to configuring plugging.


Although the supplements used in Chrome have nothing to do with the extensions, which are those that can all download and install the browser, also it is added which are very important for the proper functioning of the web pages. What Google wants in short it is to prevent users endanger their safety modifying settings that should not touch.

Thus from the update of Chrome 57 it will no longer be possible to expand the list of plugging entering the address  chrome:// plugging/. Instead, to modify a plug-in in Chrome is strictly necessary to first pass through the Settings section (Settings Content Settings) although even, from there the options that users can change about browser plug-ins are limited.

Because over the years more than one user will probably be used page / plugging / to change options that should not be changed, since Google have also decided that from updating Chrome 57 will only be possible to modify two plugging: the of Adobe Flash Player  and the Chrome PDF Viewer . Everything else will have to stay as it is activated by default.

This change, remember come up from version 57 of Chrome. Until then we can continue to access the list of add-ons through the URL of always, the / plugins /. As soon as the update arrives, the only thing we will see when entering this URL in the browser will be a 404 error.

Luckily, not all updates Chrome that are coming and those that have arrived in recent weeks will bring so restrictive changes. Chrome since version 56, for example open background pages load much faster as well as Google has launched a new warning system for pages that do not include encryption. Chrome 57 is for the time being tested so that it will take still some time until this update is available for everyone.