The application for Windows 8.1 social network world’s most used has been updated. Facebook launched this application in October last year, but was missing some essential things that have been added now. Thus, it greatly enhances the Facebook experience of users of the latest version of the Microsoft operating system.

The first thing we see is that the application update has finally added the ability to create groups from it, as well as the sign you want and get away from those we do not like. Yes, the first version had not added a Facebook required for those using the social network as a way of sharing experiences among a group of people choice. Something really surprise, since it is an essential feature of a social network.

facebook for windows 8.1

In addition, the new update, the second after the December, has added the ability to disable chat and implemented new ways of contrast in black and white for easy viewing at certain times.

Snap Mode

Another improvement that has been introduced in the update is that now, when you double-click an image, it will be displayed with the best possible resolution, which did not happen until now. Have also been added privacy settings when posting messages on Facebook.

The Menlo Park has also improved the Snap mode, which serves to split the screen into two parts. Now, the Facebook application has narrower margins that allow us to see more content when we use it in that way. Finally, I must say that they have fixed some bugs containing the previous version.

Moreover, although Microsoft recently announced it would separate Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone, the social network has not confirmed or denied anything about it.