Facebook most popular social network of the universe has awarded a young security expert with more than a total of fifteen thousand euros, to discover and warn of a serious security problem, which has avoided compromising million accounts users. This measure joins Facebook as Google, Microsoft and Apple for outside help to fix security vulnerabilities in their products.

Jack Whitton is 22 years young computer security expert who has discovered this hole in the social network and has been awarded a substantial cash prize ($ 20,000). The open hole two step verification of Facebook, could allow any user to receive the second SMS with the password to a foreign account, making this could restore or access other users’ accounts.

facebook rewards hackers

This award is within the White Hat Facebook campaign, which aims to detect errors before they are exploited. The revelation of this serious vulnerability by Jack Whitton, is a clear example that this reward system works. The social network led by Mark Zuckerberg thanked this hacker help in avoiding evil, which could have compromised the accounts of millions of users.

Facebook also states that this error on two step verification should never have existed and is pleased that through this security expert has solved the problem.

Recall that last week the Californian social network with more users in the world (has exceeded one billion), had a security problem that compromised data from six million users, quickly remedied apologizing to those affected.