A few weeks ago we announced that Windows 8 VLC player had already solved a number of dependencies that prevented its performance under Modern UI and that soon would launch the final version of the player to the public.

While VLC ends to clean up its version of the player, the developers are throwing in the Windows 8 Store fake clones winning player downloads (and money in some cases) tricking the user into thinking that you are downloading the official version of VLC player.

vlc false

Today two new applications have entered the app store posing as the popular VLC: VLCC Direct Pro Video Player and VIC * Media Player *, both paid apps (and also quite expensive).

These 2 applications are added to the list of players who try to pass by the famous and excellent VLC player while it reaches the market. Both applications offer no trial version to make the user realize that this is a false application, and those who doubt the understanding, will be disappointed to see that it is a fake player with virtually no chance.

The best way to avoid being scammed by these tools is to pay attention to the developer, consult the official website of the application (in this case, VLC) and see if it is indeed true. We must also bear in mind that a free app like VLC can not suddenly appear an exorbitant price for being a course only to modern UI port.

Microsoft still has not taken action against these applications. While VLC finish developing its version for Modern UI and officially launched on the App Store, Windows 8 users who want to use that player must download and run the desktop version.

Do you think Microsoft should establish a set of rules and actions against this type of application?