The Mozilla Foundation has already prepared the new version of Firefox for Android. Currently in beta, so probably still some things will change until we see the final product. For now, we are going to have the new features in Firefox 20.

Probably the main feature of this new version is the creation of the private tab, to enable private browsing, redundant. Thanks to the browser tab will not keep any information about the websites visited in history, so the user will not have to worry about anything if you do not want anyone to know which sites you’ve been.

Firefox 20

The novel also is that Firefox 20 will allow simultaneous searches between private tab and standard tab. So the user will not have to reload the page when upgrading from a private to a standard tab.

Available today

More than 25 million phones can download from today the beta of Firefox 10, because Mozilla will offer support to teams ARMv6 , expanding the number of users who will benefit. Among the new devices that can support this browser are the HTC Aria and Legend, the Samsung Dart, Galxy Pop, Galaxy Q and Galaxy range Next (GT-S5570 and GT-S5578).

All these new terminals will also benefit from the new customization possibilities offered by this new browser. Users can now choose which image they prefer for each shortcut, simply by holding the icon and selecting from a dropdown menu, the image you want.

All those who download the new version from Google Play may report errors they see, or suggest changes to Mozilla so that the final product is safer and better than the beta.