The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 30, the latest version of your browser. And unlike what happened with version 29, 30 updates to Firefox are scarce. Mind you, improved in several respects, incorporating support for Gstreamer 1.0, and changing some things in the interface.

The version of Firefox 30 has come up with some news. Not a revolution, but also not surprising, since one exception changes are introduced to a trickle in the different versions. But that takes the cake is Firefox 30 to GNU / Linux because it incorporates support for Gstreamer 1.0, a multimedia framework that users use as a player, as it is essential for many formats proprietary multimedia files. As Gstreamer 0.1 was being replaced by the new version, Firefox has had to adapt.

firefox for modern ui

Another innovation has to do with the interface Australis, debutante in the previous version. Firefox 30 now includes a button to show on the side bar bookmarks or history. I can move anywhere we want by using drag and drop. Just do not come by default, so you have to add from the section on ‘Customize’.

Android and Mac

For the operating system of Google there are also new. Now, for example, you can share links from the context menu. We can also add in the home panels with our favorite feeds. This will install the Home Feeds complement.

As for the version for Mac OS X Firefox 30 adds the ability to search within a selected text through command + E.