Google released a new update of its web browser, Google Chrome, along yesterday afternoon. This new version includes many new features not visible to the naked eye (as recent changes have been carried out through Google API internally), but it solves a large number of security flaws, mostly, reported by users of this browser.

Among all the security bugs fixed in this new version of Google Chrome are including 10 serious security holes and 6 failures middle. These failures have been reported by users through Google rewards program which provides financial compensation for users to report security breaches.

google chrome

All faults that have been reported have led to researchers a total of 14,000 euros that Google has given in exchange for these reports through the rewards program of the company. We can see the complete list of vulnerabilities addressed in the Google Chrome Blog.

The new version of Chrome will automatically install all Windows users who use this browser to open it. Linux users should find the update from Update Center will its corresponding distribution for this is downloaded and installed on your system.

Google takes ultimately the safety of its products very seriously, so it remains open to receive new vulnerabilities and pay for them to get to have the most secure browser and gain market share as according reported yesterday, Google Chrome ranks third in the list of popular browsers worldwide.

Do you use Google Chrome? How about safety improvements that Google is introducing to your web browser?