Google maps updated offering new features that make them remain a reference in the world of sailing from Mobile. Enable now save maps for offline viewing, results have improved public transport and Uber have integrated application within Google Maps.

Google Maps has been updated both iOS and Android, but in truth, it seems that their struggle, and their attempts to improve, have a clear objective. Is the maps application most used by iPhone users, since in Android is and always will be the protagonists?

google maps is updated

The main novelty and what you can actually give that added value to Google Maps regarding iOS maps is that now allows you to save maps for offline view. This is great, for example, when we are in other countries and do not have access to any connection. Of course, the moment does not allow offline browsing, so it will only serve as a substitute for paper map, which is enough.


Those who have installed the Uber app, with which you can hire private car services, have access to it from the application itself. As you know, Uber currently only available in some cities in the world, and has been the subject of controversy over unfair competition does to taxis.

We have also improved the signs for public transport, and you now indicate the total travel time, counting shipments to walk to the various stations or stops and the next scheduled bus or train.

Also it is now possible to access mobile contacts from Google Maps, press and hold anywhere on the map to place a marker and search by voice. We must also say that in the U.S., Canada and Japan has implemented function ‘guide rail’, which we always track exactly which flag we have to go, giving us time for transitions and outputs, very practical and hopefully soon come to Spain.