Google takes the security of Android very seriously. The ultimate responsibility is always in the hands of the user who is the one who should avoid tripping with the frauds that circulate on the network. Although we are not aware of it in our day to day, the Android operating system constantly analyzes the applications.


We install on our mobile or tablet to see if they are safe. It does so in theory non-invasive, just checking to see if the file we are installing has some hidden malware fragment. If the system detects that something is failing in the application, it automatically displays an alert.

As noted in Android Police the Google option that verifies applications has received an update that has introduced a new menu with the list of the latest applications scanned for security. It may seem like a minor change but it is a significant improvement over Google’s transparency about how it treats of information passing through our phone.

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From now on, from this renewed section we can see the list of applications that have been scanned for security in our Android. If an application appears in this list, it means that Google has scanned it. Having not detected a security threat has decided that it does not pose any security threat to the device.

To get in on this new update, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the Google Play  Services app updated to one of the most recent versions. We did the test with the version 10.2.98 and it worked correctly, so if you have that or a higher version should not have problems performing the procedure that we explain. The steps to follow to enter this updated menu are as follows:

  • We went into the Settings app on our mobile or tablet.
  • Then, go to the “Google ” section.
  • Finally, click on Verify applications. From here, we will see that the top of the screen shows us a list titled “Recently scanned applications” that collects all the applications that Google has recently scanned for security in our device.
  • The Check Android Apps menu
  • These Android apps consume resources even if you do not use them

In this section the icons of the last applications scanned by security by Google appear, as well as the exact time to which the last analysis of the applications took place. Below the icons, we have two options. Search for security threats on the device to allow Google to periodically analyze our terminal for threats. Improve detection of harmful applications, which serves to send Reports to Google with unknown applications that the company does not yet have in its database.

Although this is a small step in the fight against security threats in Google’s mobile operating system. The arrival of this new option should reassure users who do not end up trusting any of the applications that are installed in their devices. If the app appears in this new menu, and if we have not received any alerts in the last few hours, it means that at least Google’s security control has passed.