The privacy and security on the Internet are the main concerns of users each time they connect to the network. However, a poll by Mozilla reveals that we do not know how to manage these two priorities: the company claims that a third of the total feels they have no control over their online information.

Internet security

The results of the survey reveal the thoughts of 30,000 internet users that have concluded we are not concerned that the elements that protect us antivirus anti malware are up to date. We are accustomed to offer data automatically every time we surf the net. Why do we have so little care?

The answer given by the study seems to be based on technological ignorance combined with a bit of laziness. 90% of user’s surveyed state that their online security information is insufficient but they do nothing to remedy it and a third of these people say they do not know anything about how to protect themselves.

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Despite general awareness of the privacy and security situation on the Internet. Most people (two-thirds) said they would not be willing to attend a course to learn about the safe tools to use. In addition, when it comes to finding out the best ways to protect their devices, users surveyed do not trust the media. They prefer the official pages of the government or the websites of technological companies.

Privacy and security on the Internet is not the only concerns we have. Mozilla asked about other fears and 80% of responses were being hacked 61% also fear that they will track their movements. An interesting finding from the study shows that 7% of people are concerned about whether friends or family accesses their private accounts. It seems that in the digital age we are still lazy but we have become more paranoid.