The great update Windows 10 Creators Update just saw the light, so it is time to look at its many new features. The Game Mode or 4K streaming Paint 3D are some of the most anticipated releases. Others although they are not as showy, represent a significant improvement in the safety and security of our data.

protect your PC

Windows 10 Creators Update has released the Windows Defender Security Center a new application that centralizes in a single place all the protection tools used in Windows 10. We can now access them more easily and are much more intuitive to customize. Enter in the Windows browser, Windows Defender Security Center and you will have access to the application:

Shield your PC with the new Windows Defender Security Center. Just enter, at a glance, you know if you are protected or need to take some action to get it. This new app centralizes access to antivirus, firewall, proxy, browser filter, and parental control. Also, perform a performance check to verify that everything works perfectly.

Antivirus protection

The first option that we can see on the cover of the Windows Defender Security Center is Antivirus Protection. Here is the antivirus that you have installed. If you use Windows Defender, you will be able to see the Exam History with the files examined and the threats found. You can also take a quick or advanced exam from here:

Shield your PC with the new Windows Defender Security Center

In Antivirus Settings, you access the personalization options, where you can activate or deactivate the protection in real time. Two options improve virus detection but affect privacy, because they require filenames to be sent to the Microsoft cloud to detect new viruses. They are Cloud-based Protection and Automatic Sampling. You decide if you want to use them. If you move in a safe environment, it is not necessary.  With Update Protection you update the definitions of new viruses, to detect the most modern.

Device performance and status

Here we have access to a maintenance report that indicates if Windows Update has found problems to update. If you are running out of space on the disks, or if any driver does not work Shield your PC with the new Windows Defender Security Center. You also have access to the Start Zero utility, which allows you to do a clean installation of Windows 10, preserving your personal files and part of the configuration, but erasing everything else.

Firewall and network protection

This option, new in Windows 10 Creators Update offers total control over the firewall or firewall, that is, protection software that filters data inputs and outputs to detect viruses and malware:

Shield your PC with the new Windows Defender Security Center

The section Private Network refers to the network you use at home or at work, whether WiFi or cable. Here your computer is recognizable that is the wireless peripherals, or other computers of the same network can detect it. Public Network applies to public WiFi networks in cities, and here you are not recognizable, to protect your privacy. In both cases, verify that the firewall is enabled.