The Taiwanese manufacturer has had to take steps to discover in attempted espionage and theft of trade secrets by several company employees. These sought to create another company that was competition from HTC and they tried to take his current job secrets. HTC has fired and reported to their workers.

HTC Five employees are being investigated for fraud and theft of confidential information to create new design company mobile devices. Even among these employees is a senior member of the company.

htc secrets

The news published China Times and has already been around the world and come to our country. HTC is one of the mobile phone manufacturers most important but also sells other devices, and that several employees including a manager, want to steal secrets to found another company deserves our attention.

They wanted to steal GUI software

Up to five employees are being investigated by the attempted theft of several secrets. One is the software of a graphical interface with which they wanted to start their new venture mobile handset design, specifically the system HTC Sense 6.0 UI, which come together to HTC One Max.

Among these employees, and this perhaps most worrying for HTC, they are the vice president of product design, Thomas Chien, the director of research and development, Wu Chien, and the design team leader, Justin Huang. This means several bigwigs have n risky to rob her and found a new company, with all that that entails. This tells us that things are not going well in the company of Taiwan.

The defendants were released on bail of 100,000 and $ 300,000 (75,700 and 227,100 euros) charged with violation of the laws of the market.