A couple of years ago, when Microsoft announced the death of Windows many took their hands to the head. How can Windows die? What operating system are we going to use now? Microsoft was not lying. Windows has died as traditional software, and has become a service. There will no longer be Windows 11, Windows 12, etc.  but a Windows service that will be updated constantly. After a year and a half of Windows 10 life, we begin to glimpse how the updates will be made.

Windows 10 Creators Update

It seems that the Redmond Company is planning to do two big updates a year. The last one took place last October, and the next one is released the 11 of April, under the name of Windows 10 Creators Update. A very important update that adds much anticipated improvements like Games Mode, 4K streaming or virtual reality integration. We already have it installed, o let’s show you all the latest Windows 10 Creators Update. You have an advance on this video:

If you wish, you can now install the final version of Creators Update right now: One of the most unexpected surprises of this update is a new Game Mode that will make adjustments in the system to optimize the operation of video games. Following the disappointment of Xbox One Microsoft has bet heavily on the fusion of the Xbox platforms and PC Gaming, as a strategy to reinforce the first and extract benefits from the second. This Game Mode is yet another proof that Windows is serious about video games after a decade of abandonment.

In principle, Game Mode will not make better performance or better graphics, but the frame rate is more stable. In many games, it is normal for the frame rate to fall into certain scenes with a lot of graphic load. This new mode deactivates unnecessary system tasks and optimizes the use of CPU cores and RAM to dedicate more resources to games, which will reduce these frame rate crashes. This video shows how it works:

Microsoft games released in Windows 10 such as  Forza Horizon 3  or  Gears of War 4  and all that are offered in the Windows Store will be compatible with  Game Mode but will also work with any other Windows title, including Steam games. To activate Game Mode you must go to the Settings and enter the new Games section. In the left column touch Game Mode and here you can activate or deactivate it:

Platforms like Twitch are taking audience to YouTube. Live video streaming wins fans in front of the pre-recorded video. It is available for both Windows 10 and Xbox 1 and can be streamed 4K sessions. Pressing it will open the window that will allow you to live broadcast the game or program you are using: You can activate or deactivate the camera or the microphone. Place a window with the webcam that shows your face next to the game that you are using.

Creativity is one of the great drivers of Windows 10 Creators Update. Windows 10 Creators Update includes new tools for creating virtual content. With Windows, Capture 3D it is possible to scan any real-world object using a smartphone. You can then edit and modify it with the Paint 3D app.