Last week, different governments like the United Kingdom asked the big companies that would protect users against abuse, especially to the most minor. Microsoft acted quickly on Bing adding a message to any user in the UK to seek any content related to child abuse, and has now been Twitter who has adapted its service.

In the official Twitter blog in the UK can read as introduced tweets facilities to report abusive users to analyze personally consider. At the moment this feature is only available for iOS client users and web page view from a smartphone.

abusive tweets

Once you check the proper functionality of this new feature added to ensure that the customers of other mobile operating systems like Android and Windows Phone and even desktop version for anyone to report deemed abusive tweets.

Twitter Managers say it is impossible and impractical to analyze all the tweets that are sent through the social network as each day can be sent more than 400 million tweets, so use automated systems that analyze and verified before being sent, but it is not 100% effective. Because of this they have decided to implement a new button so that users can report aggressive tweets consider.

Under the terms of Twitter, is totally forbidden to social network user’s use it for illegal purposes and to direct threats. All users who use your account for these purposes will be suspended from being your own social network useless. With new ways to report users, Twitter wants this fact is fulfilled and able to take action against users who break the rules and use the Internet to threaten other users.

What do you think of the new techniques against network abuse?