The operating system of Apple’s mobile devices is updated again. The iOS version 6.1.3 is now available for users of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This update addresses a security issue that allowed the iPhone with a simple combination of movements could access a locked iPhone.

Updating managed to fix one of the most serious security flaws that had the iPhone. Through a series of specific steps that included up to an emergency call, anyone could bypass the password and use the phone as if he knew the unlock code. And all this without at any time using iTunes or computer.

iOS is updated

And it’s been months since a video appeared on YouTube in which he taught as getting use an iPhone that was not yours and have a lock code. He had a lot of visitors and this alarmed Apple, as it managed to unlock an iPhone 5 with iOS version 6.1. This particular video has already been removed, presumably under pressure from Apple, but you might find browsing for a while internet.

This is why Apple has worked to address this serious security problem. “Solution of a problem that allowed access to the phone application without having to insert the necessary code”, clarifies Apple in the specifications of the update.

Improved maps in Japan

Besides having fixed the security breach, the latest mobile operating system from Apple brings improved maps in Japan. Apple does not explain much in the specifications.

Anyone wishing to update their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has to access software update within the general settings menu of your iOS device, downloads the update and install.