On Tuesday, Microsoft launched a series of security updates for your Windows 7 system. Apparently only patches corrected optimization instability problems and certain modules of the system, but one of the updates is causing many problems for all Windows 7 users.

The update called under the name MS13-057 is causing many problems for users of Windows 7 (and some Windows XP users) when having to render video. The update is generating errors when trying to download videos from YouTube or using Adobe software, among other cases.

Windows 7

Along with the above errors, failure has been reported in many games, and is independent as executed through the Steam gaming platform. We can read through the forums of this platform how many users are experiencing errors, especially in the in-game video, which appears black screen average since the update.

One game that experiences such failure is “Darksiders”. It also affects other games like Total War with the same mean black screen.

At the moment there is no solution from Microsoft to that error, so if you want to play without problems should uninstall the update. The code name of the corresponding patch is KB 2803821 and KB2834904 on Windows 7 in the case of Windows XP.

The rest of the updates that Microsoft released report no failure, only is the above-mentioned patch, which is causing many errors when video processing and rendering, either through YouTube, as reported some users, as to when running games.

Windows already aware of this problem and published a few days, probably, another patch that fixed.

Have you noticed these errors after the latest updates from Microsoft?