Thanks to an agreement between Telefonica and Line, Japanese messaging application reach Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system that is promoting the Spanish company. This way they will benefit both Line as Firefox OS, which still lacks many applications to be a real alternative other operating systems.

Line reached 300 million users earlier this year, becoming the biggest rival WhatsApp, at least in our country. In Asia, for example, Line dominates the market with an iron fist. But he wants more. The instant messaging application wants to conquer the Latin American market and it has reached an agreement with Telefonica to be installed on the terminals with OS Firefox.

Line reaches Firefox OS

This will become the first major messaging application that comes Firefox OS, an operating system that is starting; it still has shortcomings, but has significant support from Telefonica.

Firefox OS grows fast

The problem for Mozilla’s operating system is still the lack of important applications that considerable commitments to her. And it’s a big deal because, honestly, it has everything to succeed. It is a great operating system and is behind a company like Telefonica, with 320 million customers in 24 countries.

Therefore, this is great news for both Mozilla to Line, and Telefonica will also make a major advertising campaign in those countries in which Line will be available.

These countries are Spain, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico, ie, important and great development potential, especially South American countries. As you see, want to get more customers Line conquering the Latin American market, and surely no better partner so deeply embedded in the new continent as company Telefonica.