The social network Twitter announced during the morning that Spanish users, in addition to many users in other countries, will be able to access all of your history tweets in full. The “twitterers” English and could carry out this action, but today have joined accounts set up in countries like Spain, France, Germany, Norway …. And so on to complete a list of 12 countries.

For quite some time there have been many users who have somehow vindicated the possibility to access the full history of tweets. The social network managers trying to justify this impediment stating that they had set the Twitter database made it impossible for this to be possible, as the public search results only reflected in the last 1,500 tweets user.

Twitter announced

With the advent of the new system, the user can download a file all messages posted. The file has a format for the query more readable and can be accessed from any web browser. This novelty we enjoy today, you could enjoy a few months in a completely temporary if the account was set to English.

Manual to access your message history on Twitter

The first, you must have an account set up in countries where this option is available. Once we have ensured that we have to go to the setup menu and to scroll to the bottom and there you will find a button.

As for the Twitter account you had to specify email account, after having clicked on the button, within seconds receive your email account has a link to an archive. It will be one. Zip and depending on the number of messages of this size may be variable.

The file we downloaded web looks and it is a local application where we can see all the tweets published and also have access to a search engine to find the message with ease.