Today will start the Microsoft developer conference in San Francisco to be held until Friday. Course is expected to be officially present Windows 8.1 the update of the new OS from Redmond and although it is some surprise, seems to present no other major developments.

We’ve talked a lot in the last months of the Windows 8 need to try that loss of adherents to the new operating system is not as much as it is today. And Windows 8.1 seems to be the protagonist of the Microsoft Build 2013 to be held in San Francisco from today until Friday.

microsoft build 2013

Obviously being a developer conference is expected to appear in several applications targeting Windows and especially the relaxation of these with respect to the new tablets that they plan to take the Redmond.

And that is when Microsoft launched Windows 8 announced that bear no screens smaller than 10 inches, which could not compete with more flexible operating systems like Android and iOS.

New details of Windows 8.1

Thanks to the GUI of Windows Server 2012 R2 that Microsoft has decided to advance to the conference in San Francisco and you can download, we know more about what we find in Windows 8.1, although it is true that none of us catch you by surprise.

The new home button is the first thing that catches the eye, and as we knew his role will be to return to the screen-Metro with Windows 8 is started. Also added to the shortcut button start button itself, with the right or by typing [Windows] + [X] the ability to restart and shutdown.

And now from the home screen applications will be better organized as it is now can sort by name, date of installation, most used and by category.

These are just some of the innovations we see in the new Windows 8 and that we can download the GUI of Windows Server 2012 R2