MAGIX is a provider of multimedia software for PC that offers solutions for creating and editing audio, video, images and web pages at both individual and professional levels.

MAGIX wants to expand its domain and has decided to start offering a software solution for all Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets.

music maker jam

This new application is called MAGIX Music Maker Jam and is available for download from the Play Store free of charge. Although this new application was already available for Windows 8, this time has been adapted and improved so that Android users can also enjoy it.

Features Jam Music Maker

  • It offers, for free 4 different styles of music: Hip Hop, Dance, Jazz and Rock Ballads.
  • It has more than 1000 different loops of the 4 previous musical styles with which to create music.
  • A new “shake” that loops added randomly to shake the phone.
  • The application adapts to both large and small screens, and detects if the device is a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Real-time effects.
  • Adaptation of BPM.
  • 8 tracks to mix.
  • Change effects tilting the phone.
  • Ability to insert custom images and backgrounds to the creations.
  • Ability to export creations to share with friends.

Through the application you can add new loops and styles with micropayments for each user to tailor your application to your needs. Music Maker Jam is currently the most complete and easy to use to create music available on the PlayStation Store or Windows Store. The possibilities are almost endless which, with imagination, you can create real music sessions.