The popular social network has reinvented musical this year. For this reason also decided to renew an application that had become a bit dated. To those who still use they will great this update as it adds features that should have been added a long time ago.

It is obvious that the best times are past MySpace. But surprisingly even still has a significant number of faithful who are still in it. For them MySpace has renewed its iOS app (the Android and is neither pending).

myspace for ios

This year, the social network has emerged adding musical personal radio listening and sharing animated GIFs. Therefore during these months has been improving its iOS app, and Christmas has come the last update, the 3.6.

What awaits us to unburden the latest update is a much more visual experience than previous versions. Has also implemented the ‘Likes’ and relationships between users have been improved. I.e. has improved sociability application.

Live Events

The new version of the application also offers integration with Facebook and Twitter, so we can join with our friends and share with them our experience on MySpace.

The app has also improved the editing of profiles with a new more intuitive than the previous interface. Finally, indicate that MySpace now offers playback of live events, which adds a lot more interest to this social network that until recently would be forgotten as a relic of the past.

But MySpace wants to resurface, and the renewal of its iOS app is a first step. The following would launch an Android, though, as we said before, it seems that is not in their plans.