When we use our computer and applications thereof a series of temporary files that eventually may end up filling our hard drives and make the system work much slower than normal are generated. Typically, each application has its own cleaning option, however, because doing so can be a hassle, there are applications specially designed to automatically remove junk all our computer files, such as CCleaner.

CCleaner is a free application developed by Piriform which compiles the main applications installed on your computer, analyzes and allows us both to know if these keep temporary files on your computer and removing them with one click in order to optimize computer performance.

ccleaner 5.24

As applications change, in order to adapt to them and be able to make the best cleaning possible, those responsible for this tool are frequently updated and therefore few hours ago have released version 5.24, which comes with significant improvements in cleaning the main modules.

Among others, the main changes of the new CCleaner 5.24 are:

Housekeeping improvements Mozilla Firefox history.
Improved Opera cleaning session and Vivaldi.
Updated the cleaning motor cache Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge.
Cleaning Windows Explorer is now more effective and complete.
The monitoring system has been improved and included in her notifications.
Interface changes and bug fixes.

You really cleaning tools like CCleaner improve computer performance?

If you ask people whether or not these applications improve computer performance, it is safest to find repsuestas of all kinds. We should note that CCleaner is a cleaning tool, not a Windows optimizer. With it we will be able to remove all junk files waste and clean the registry of unnecessary entries, which can cause sometimes applications to launch faster and the system seems faster, however, it does not have a number of optimizations as such, so it should not be used as a Windows optimizer.

However, whether this tool makes the computer go faster or slower, what is certain is that it eliminates temporary, trash and unnecessary to perfection files, coming to save a few gigabytes of storage, which is always appreciated.

Do you often use cleaning tools like CCleaner often?