LibreOffice suite is a free and open source looking competes directly against Microsoft Office automation. This suite derived from the OpenOffice classic after its acquisition by Oracle, still has many things to change and improve if you want to be compared to the office suite Microsoft, however, thanks to the community, its development is very active and, gradually, continues to correct all kinds of problems detected in the suite itself.

Late yesterday afternoon, The Document Foundation made public a new version of its office suite LibreOffice 5.2.3, Revision 5.2 branch. This update, far from adding new functions and features, has been particularly focused on correcting a number of mistakes and errors of the operating system, namely, 81 reported failures mostly by the community itself.

libreoffice 5.2.3

Gradually The Document Foundation is showing the final form of his suite after several years of work to change all aspects did not like the legacy community OpenOffice, however, the organization still has big plans for the future to continue development of this office suite.

The new LibreOffice 5.2.3 is now available for download from their main website. This version fixes bugs in all operating systems, both Windows and MacOS and Linux, so it is recommended that all users update their office suite to have the best experience possible.

The Document Foundation confirms the arrival of LibreOffice 5.3

While the company still maintains versions 5.1 and 5.2 of this office suite, his eyes are on the release of the next major update: LibreOffice 5.3. Although the list of improvements and new features of this new version is still incomplete, we can highlight changes in the interface of the main applications of the suite, as well as new features and tools that make it more comfortable working with them and allow users to separate even more, of Microsoft Office.

As confirmed developers, this new version will reach all users in January 2017, however, the more impatient can download at the end of this month the beta version of it, which will allow these users have a first touchdown with upgrades and new in this release and also help the detection and resolution of errors before the update arrives definitively to all users.

Do you use LibreOffice? What are you most and least favorite of this office suite?