This week Office for iPad has added new features that make this a very interesting office suite for Apple’s tablet application. The biggest news is that now you can print a document directly from the app, really useful and something that until now was impossible.

Just a month after having entered the Apple App Store, Office is already number one in the list of free apps for iPad with Excel located at number 8 and PowerPoint 16. Though already if these applications they are very useful when working on a tablet, with all the new features will be easier.

office for ipad

Office now allows you to directly print the document, a Word, an Excel spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation. Of course, this will have to have a subscription to Office 365 and a printer that supports AirPrint. You can choose the output of a Word document with or without markup, print an entire worksheet or only a selected range in Excel.

More Features

But not only will you be able to print directly to Office. In line with the announcement by Microsoft, which promised new features for release around now have been introduced SmartGuides in PowerPoint, for who does not have much idea of managing the presentation program. Thus, these guidelines will help us in aligning the images, shapes and text boxes as we move around them in a slide. In Excel there is also a new option to adjust the width or height of multiple rows of multiple columns at once.

As is normal with all updates, this also includes some fixes to bugs that may have the previous version and stability improvements.