Pear OS X is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, which since its inception has been providing the appearance of Apple’s operating system, OS X, users wanting to use Linux on a normal PC. After several years of work, Pear OS X reaches version 8 of its operating system and thus, offers users an interface similar to that of OS X Mavericks to all users who want to install your operating system.

This new operating system comes with many improvements French against previous versions. He wants to win as many users as possible by offering a complete redesign of the operating system, new functions and new programs adapted for the system.

Pear OS 8

In this new version also fixed several bugs found in the previous version of the operating system in order to offer PC users an operating system based on Ubuntu with the appearance and effects offered by Apple for its Mac OS X.

Pear OS 8 will be based on Linux Kernel 3.8. The appearance, as we said, will be very similar to that offered by the new Apple operating system, OS X Mavericks. We also have several custom applications such as Pear OS Software Center (a copy of the App Store from Ubuntu Software Center), PearCloud, Pear Update, Pear Cleaner and more applications with similar appearance to the Apple operating system. Are also known as multiple applications including Brasero, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc..

With the release of the new version of Pear OS 8 for PC, developers began a campaign on indiegogo seeking funding to adapt its operating system to multiple tablets as Microsoft Surface and several Android models in order to expand its market share. By the time, a long time to know how it will ends the season, but would need 10,500 euros and barely reach 50.

You can download Pear OS 8 for pc free from their website. Have you tried the new Pear OS 8? What do you think of this operating system?