The famous image editor Photoshop launched a new beta version last week. Photoshop CS6 success has been resounding since it has been over half a million downloads in just a few days, and is also very popular in social networks. The download can be done for free.

After launching the beta version of Photoshop CS6 a week ago, Adobe announced on its official blog that the product has already been downloaded more than half a million times. Therefore, from Adobe wished to thank the great acceptance by users: “It’s not often that we offer an older version of our next version of Photoshop, and we are very grateful for all the support and impact that the beta has received. We love you are as excited as we are seeing all your requests coming to life”.


The download of this beta version is free and is available for Windows and OS X. In addition, since the team has sought the cooperation of the entire community to provide a forum where opinion can be given or provided any information.

Great home users

Adobe is aware of the success it has achieved its new version and as published, after announcing the launch of new product resulted in great success in social networks, with trending topic on Twitter getting more of over 110,000 tweets and 12,000 followers of Facebook.

The video playlist ‘Sneak Peek‘ has received 3 million hits and videos beta of Photoshop CS6 have already received half a million hits. And the new version comes with Adobe Photoshop CS6 innovations as new additions to the tools of ‘Content-Aware‘. ‘Content-Aware Patch‘, which allow more control to users who can select and duplicate an area of an image to fill another.

The interface is now more sophisticated and modern and also the beta version of Photoshop CS6 offers all the features of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Extended, such as new 3D editing functions and the ability to make quantitative imaging. These features will be included in the final version of Photoshop CS6 Extended when available.

It has not yet been given for the launch date of the final version, but if Adobe has given a preview of Illustrator CS6 through a video showing the Product Manager of the product, Bryan O’Neil Hughes.