Although Windows 10 has a large number of settings and a complete configuration page, as we have been seeing, to make certain changes in the latest version of the operating system of Microsoft, still and s necessary to go to the Windows registry and perform Timely changes by hand. However, as everyone knows, modify registry values can cause inadvertently we change something that we should and this will cause some strange behavior in the system.

When this happens we do not know exactly what we touched or caused the problem just will not let us access the registry to reverse the change, things get complicated. There are different ways or ways to try to resolve this unpleasant situation, such as recovering a registry backup, a restore point, or resetting system registry defaults in Windows 10.

reset windows 10 registry

Whenever necessary, access the system to make changes is totally recommended to make a backup of the same state before proceeding with the modification. Therefore, if we have done so, we will be able to solve the problem only by proceeding with the recovery of the registry backup created previously. To do this, simply go to the registry and from the File menu choose the option Import to select the copy of the record that we want to recover.

If you do not have this backup, you probably have established a point system restore recently, a measure can also be taken before manually modify any registry value. If so, then we can proceed to restore Windows 10 to an earlier date and go.

However, if we have no backup or system restore point, then the only solution left is to restore the default Windows 10 registry. To do this, since the system registry itself does not offer this possibility, we will have to restore the factory settings to the entire system, as this process internally causes the registry to return to the same values after installation.

Therefore, we must go to Start> Settings> Update menu and safety and within the option Recovery, click on the button Start in the option Reset this PC, which will be to take care of automatically launch the process of restoration factory settings Windows 10.