Recently, Canonical changed the update policies and maintenance of its operating systems. The LTS versions went from a 3-year support for orders of 5 but, however, the normal versions maintenance reduced by half, to 18 months of support offered by default now, newer versions have only a support 9 months, after which, they will cease to provide any updates or patches for this system.

This aspect is starting to show as of this moment since users normally used to staying in one version for a year (depending on the changes and developments of the new version) to avoid having to format the system every 6 months. With this change, Canonical almost forces users to install all new versions if they want to support and upgrades since, as updates are released every six months, users of a previous version will be more than 3 months without support until the new version.

ubuntu 13.04 support

An example of this are the users of Ubuntu 13.04. This version, published in April 2013, shall cease to support the next day January 27, 2014. Last October, the current version of Ubuntu 13.10 that, although it has been installed in a large number of computers, some users, either for lack of time or simply because Ubuntu 13.04 works fine, have not updated was published. These users will no longer have support and updates from day 27, so you can see coerced in some way, to install the new 13.10 or wait for the release of 14.04 LTS will also .

We hope soon Canonical decided by the Rolling Release model and allow users stop worrying about having to reformat your computer every 6 months and always receive the latest versions of all packages best.

A curious aspect of Canonical is that after several years in which many users reported errors in the application of building Ubuntu USB drives, today released an update which again is fully functional on all users of Ubuntu (13.10 and later). This tool is especially useful for copying a disc of Ubuntu, for example, a USB stick to install from it without using CD or DVD for it.

Customers using this version of Ubuntu can be updated by typing in a terminal:

  • sudo apt-get upgrade

Users who want to continue receiving updates must upgrade your Ubuntu distribution to the latest version or wait 3 months to install the latest LTS and have extended support for 5 years.

Are you a user of Ubuntu? What do you think about the changes in the upgrade plans of the company?