Since Installous disappeared have been several alternatives that seek to take their place and continue to allow iPad owners to test apps for free without going through the App Store. Today we are going to talk about the two best positioned to pick up the scepter left: AppAdict and VShare.

If we would like to emphasize that these are tools that allow us to test applications but that, if we like what we tasted, we should proceed to the payment in iTunes because you have to reward the work of developers. With this petition we want to make clear that we do not support piracy.


In both cases to make use of these two alternatives to Installous need we have our device made jailbreak with Cydia installed on your device.


We are facing a kind of copy of the web version of the iTunes App Store. Before you begin, you must have an iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher.

You must also have installed AppSync. To do this:

  • Add your repository to Cydia. You simply have to add a source in Cydia to Edit and Add button, stick your URL Some packages will be downloaded alone.
  • Returns to the menu let Cydia AppSync.
  • Choose the package for your version of iOS, there are for 5.0 + or 6.0 +.
  • Select it and give it to install.
  • Then we give Subtract Springboard.
  • After installing all the above, we need only go to the browser, enter the url and give install sliding the button. The icon will be the icon of the application.

Once everything is in order we see in implementing the Apps category list and in the description of each, there will be a tab that says Links. Click there and you will come different sources of where to download. To do this, follow the instructions for each site but in all cases eventually have to go to Installer to proceed with the installation.


It is much easier, perhaps the best option. Once installed, we can go to its catalog categorized applications and install one of them directly. It has a search engine that allows us to more easily find the titles we are looking for. This has a certain prediction and suggests us the names of the apps as we write them in the bar.