Neill Blomkamp, District 9 film‘s director, has expressed interest in directing the film adaptation of Halo, a movie eagerly awaited by fans of the franchise. So much so that some fear that the realization of this great idea may damage a franchise as prestigious.

After several attempts to carry out the Halo movie, director Neill Blomkamp and producer Peter Jackson (King Kong, The Lord of the Rings) gave up and took to the pool with District 9, a work that was nominated for an Oscar three categories, one of the Best Picture elllas.

director of District 9

However, the filmmaker is still fascinated by the idea of bringing the universe Halo to the big screen. In comments reported by the portal IGN, Blomkamp explained his enthusiasm while acknowledging the difficulties of successfully realizing the project: “I love the world, the universe and mythology of Halo. If I had the absolute control, would love to make this film. “

Unfortunately, that was one of the issues when performing the film, even more than money: “But that’s the problem. When something exists, is the idea of my own performance against that of 150 people who have their own interpretation of the film on the same work, “adding:” Then the audience has their own interpretation. You can see the success or failure in his eyes. This part does not appeal to me, but the original part yes it is “.

The truth is that it would be very interesting to give complete control to someone like Blomkamp. In fact, one need only take a look at District 9 to verify that you have enough talent to tackle such a feat.

Halo will not know whether or not adapted to film, but we love to think of a work of high quality. Throwing a middling film could seriously damage the image of the franchise, just as we just starred a powerful success with Halo 4. And you, do you like to see this work on the big screen?