It has taken years, but it seems that the large distribution networks of copyrighted material have begun to fall one after another like a house of cards. Last week the lawsuit against Artem Vaulin the owner of KickAss Torrents the popular torrent website that shared thousands of movies video games music and other copyrighted content began in Illinois.

KickAss Torrents

Vaulin was arrested in Poland last August in an operation that also ended with his website KickAss Torrents, which he kept online for eight years. Although several mirrors have emerged since his arrest, none has reached the impact of his predecessor. Artem Vaulin remains in Poland pending the extradition trial, but while his return to the United States is being negotiated, Illinois has begun the hearing in which both sides have set out their arguments.

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The US Department of Justice, which files as an indicator, accuses Artem Vaulin of trafficking in copyrighted content through KickAss Torrents and collecting $ 12.5- $ 22.3 million through advertising revenue. He is also accused of tax evasion and money laundering. Artem Vaulin’s defense lawyers argue that KickAss Torrents did not store copyrighted material but Torrent files and they do not know or are responsible for what each user was doing with those torrent files.

The prosecution lawyers have insisted that the website promoted the download of copyrighted material even if it was not offered directly and that the money raised by advertising has not been declared to the Treasury and has been removed from the country. After listening to both parties, now the judge will have to decide whether the facts constitute a crime. If so, the penalty could reach several years in prison, because the crimes are serious.

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