Unless you’ve worked in the medical billing industry or for a software maker who specializes in medical billing, you can’t possibly imagine what a big business this is when it comes to forms. There are more forms for medical billing than Carter has liver pills and they’re not given away for free. The money to be made from medical forms processing or even in just the creation of blank forms is insane.

Back in the old days of medical forms, there weren’t too many. Your first form and only one for a long time, was the HCFA 1500 form. This is a standard medical form that contains a boat load of information about each patient including the patient’s personal information such as name, address, date of birth, social security number and so on. These forms also contain the patient’s medical problem, diagnosis and treatment, which also include the charges for all of these things. The form was then printed out, submitted and payment was made by the insurance carrier, either to the patient directly or to the provider. Today, in addition to your standard HCFA 1500, we also have UB-92, CMS-1450, HCFA 1450 and a ton of other forms.

We have more forms for medical billing than we probably have diseases to bill. As a result, there has become a huge market for the creation of these forms. There are companies that actually specialize in one type of form. For example, when the UB-92 format first came out, there were companies that only made UB-92 forms because there was such a big demand.

Now, if we add to all of this CMN forms, which are certificates of medical necessity, then we have a whole new can of worms. CMNs are required for certain items such as wheelchairs. The reason they are required and this is the mind numbing part to all this madness, is that for certain items like a wheelchair, you have to show that there is an actual medical need for the wheelchair. So CMN forms are also big business because we have so many people and so many items in addition to wheelchairs, like osteo therapy devices, that the number of CMNs submitted almost equals the number of medical forms themselves. Some patients actually need multiple CMN forms for a claim. You can learn more about medical billing by visit website ub04 claim forms pages online