Technology the creative company of Remix OS has announced a new mobile version of its Android-based software called Remix Singularity. This new version stands out because it allows turning an Android mobile into a PC an idea very similar to the concept of Windows 10 and Continuum.

Android phone into a PC

As Jide explains today smartphones are equipped with hardware that allows them to offer much more than the functions of a phone. Remix Singularity exploits the full potential of the device so that when connected to a screen becomes a fully functional computer.

Remix Singularity has two operating modes: PC mode and TV mode. The first one turns the mobile into a computer with all the possibilities offered by Remix OS. In case you do not know, an operating system was born with the aim of tapping the full potential of android exploiting the functions it already has and optimizing it with options that it lacks.

Convert mobile to pc

The result is an Android version that runs in the desktop environment with an interface adapted for the use of the keyboard. The mouse and multitasking options, menu and optimized taskbar as well as the usual applications of the mobile operating system of Google.

On the other hand, the TV mode allows the users to access the applications and games of the mobile adapted for their visualization in the big screen of the television guaranteeing a much more satisfactory experience.

The Remix Singularity release is scheduled for the second half of 2017 though there is still no confirmed date. You can download it free just like Remix OS. If you want to consult more information or to subscribe to the updates, you can do it in the official page.

How to install Android on your computer thanks Remix OS 2.0

Although previous similar experiences of other companies have not yet taken off. Such as the case of Microsoft Continuum, Jide believes that its functionality to convert a mobile into a computer will be welcomed mainly by two advantages: it is free and is based In the Android ecosystem. We will see how users respond when available.