The official application of the microblogging social network updated to iOS, Apple’s operating system. In an attempt to make the image more visual character tweets, Twitter has decided that from now on you can edit photos directly from your application.

Twitter, as did two days ago in Android, has updated its official application for iPhone users. In addition, just for them, because they have an iPad will not benefit from this update, at least for now.

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The microblogging social network has decided to become visual. This has added new functions to edit the photo directly from your app. Photos can now be cut in three different ways.

Normal, square (such as Instagram) and rectangular (Twitter comprehensive flame). In addition, you can rotate in all directions and you can put the filter you want among the eight available.

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The other developments with respect to the previous version have to do with the immediacy that Twitter wants to give everything. Starting from a time can select a tweet and reply with a photo immediately, as the gallery is just one tap away. It has also facilitated add the names of other users when a photo to the tweet itself up.

Now swiping down to update the Timeline, if no new tweet, current trends will leave your location and the app will select those tweets that you might find useful.

The same developments have been included in the application for Android.