Twitter had always been known as a microblogging, where people, in 140 characters, what he had wanted. After a while it was socializing, becoming increasingly a social network. Well today mutation has been completed since Twiitter allows uploading up to four photos per tweet and tag up to 10 people.

The official Twitter apps for iOS and Android have been updated, each offering interesting news. The app designed for the operating system of Google, Twitter now allows you to tag up to 10 people in a single picture, without losing characters.

Twitter announced

I mean, do not remove tags space for what you want to write to the tweet. Obviously, although the default is on, you can lock the possibility that we tagged in the photos. Simply go to the privacy section, and check that option. If you have any questions in this regard, the support team of Twitter you can solve it.

In Twiiter app for iOS now let’s up to 4 pictures per tweet leaving users more freedom when using this social network

More sociability

As mentioned before, Twitter seeks to compete directly with Facebook. This had to stop being a simple personal blog to become a true social network. And for that, it seems the perfect recipe is to tag people in photos and upload several in one Tweet.

True, this gives the user more freedom to express as best choice, but then leaves Twitter in a situation of complete inferiority to Facebook. Twitter wants to be a social network the old fashioned way, and this leads lagging behind to Menlo Park.

Also if Twitter is taking steps toward greater socialization, placing greater emphasis on the photos, it could be the case that the whole spirit of Twitter was lost, which was characterized by the immediacy of information and realization in messages.