Within 4 months of the launch of the new version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will be also, developers are working on the new layout, adding new features, new tools, improving and correcting existing errors. In previous articles we have seen several new features that will come with this new version of Ubuntu over previous versions. This time he has had the Ubuntu updater software that has undergone a redesign.

The software updater has received a major update simplifying their use and making this easier to use than ever. Although many users update their system from a terminal with apt-get upgrade, new users are encouraged to try the free operating system does not have extensive knowledge to use the tool, since, for some reason or other, they are used to doing merely use the graphic operating system.

ubuntu 14.04

Canonical has thought of these users do not know or want to use the system terminal and decided to update the updater system itself to do much more graphic and easier to use than previous versions of this.

As we can see, the new updater system is far more graphic and tidy. From it we can see all the applications that are updated and, with them, all relevant packages are included. This makes it an excellent tool for both new users and advanced Linux users and that may have a complete of all packages that are downloaded and installed on your system, and simple control.

Canonical is aware that with the end of support for Windows XP, many users will be encouraged to test their operating system so ease of use is vital if you want users to continue using it and not seek other free or proprietary alternatives.

Canonical is working hard on its new operating system and a proof that all updates are being included in the new Ubuntu 14.04. We hope that all the effort paid off and users are encouraged to try the new version that will be released next April.