Photoshop has a complete toolbar with which to edit our photos, add effects or perform some retouching. Among the most used we can find the ones that make it easier to make different selections or cuts, but other tools that we can not lose sight of and that will help us are the tools of correction.

These tools contain Spot Brush, Brush Corrector, Patch Tool, Motion Detection Content and Red-Eye Brush. Perhaps the most used among all of them are the tool Brush corrector, along with its variant puncture corrector brush and the patch tool, however, we will explain below how each of them works.

photoshop correction tools

Photoshop correction tools

Mainly, we will use these tools when we want to repair certain imperfections of our photos, something very useful in the case of photos of a person at close distance where you can see certain spots on the skin, Monday, grains, reflections, etc.

Brush corrector and puncture corrector brush

The concealer brush it does is take a sample area of the image and then apply it over the area you indicate. Photoshop itself is able to compare the contrast, texture, brightness and other characteristics of the selected pixels to mix with the ones being corrected and thus get a replica as accurate as possible.

Meanwhile, the Spot Healing brush can also be used to remove imperfections from photographs quickly. Its operation is very similar to that of the corrector brush, the only difference is that while with the corrector brush we have to point a sample point and then combine it with the pixels that are being corrected, with the corrector brush punctual the sample takes the own Tool automatically from the area surrounding the point that we are retouching.

Patch, motion with content detection and red-eye brush

Following the order in which we find the correction or retouching tools, the following is the patch . Although the objective is practically the same as that of the previous two, its operation differs somewhat. On this occasion, the patch tool allows to select the area of ​​the image where the imperfection is that we want to eliminate by making a circle or line around it. Automatically, Photoshop will make a selection of the area that is inside the circle shape traced so that we can then drag that selection to a nearby area to be cloned in the selected area.

The tool motion content detection allows a selection of the area you want to repair to move to another part of the image and automatically reconstructs the image and the hole that is filled with the matching image elements. Something quite useful for placing certain objects of an image in different places, for example.

Finally, the tool red eye brush is that we can use as its name suggests to remove the famous red – eye in some photos taken with the flash enabled camera. It is a very very simple tool to use and quite effective, just by having the red eye brush selected we go to the image and click on the red eye. Automatically, we will see how the eye quickly changes color eliminating redness. In case the result is not the desired one, we can return to make more clicks in different areas until obtaining it.

If we do not still get the desired result, we can undo the action and play with the parameters Pupil Size and Number of darkening displayed on the top bar of Photoshop brush selected with eyes red. With them we can define the area affected by the brush and the darkening of the correction.

All these utilities that we find within the group of correction tools, are very useful in the retouching of images that we need to do and as we go taking practice with each one of them we will see how the results are every day better.