Any USB device such as memory keyboards and mice can be a threat to your computer as they can hide hidden malware inside that will infect your computer when you connect them. To avoid this problem Robert Fisk a New Zealand engineer has developed USG a device that works as a firewall and protects your PC against malicious USB devices.

USG protects

It is that on USB drives threats are not only found in files and malicious files. In 2014 was discovered Bad USB a malware that is stored in the device’s own firmware so that it can infect the computer even when new and empty. In addition, as Fisk points out antivirus programs are not able to detect it since the malicious code is located directly on the controller out of the scope of the security software scanner.

However, USG can protect you against this threat. This plug-and-play device works as a USB hardware firewall and is very easy to use all you have to do is plug it into the computer and then plug the USB device into the enabled connector just as if you can see the chart below.

USB Operation

In case the connected device is not trusted, USG will block it, preventing it from running malicious code to infect the computer. It has an open and auditable firmware, so unlike preloaded firmware you can rely on it

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USG supports mass storage units, keyboards and mice, and is compatible with all operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you want to use this device to protect your equipment from Bad USB, Fisk sells it through its Git Hub at a price of 80 New Zealand dollars at current exchange rate. In addition, advanced users also have the possibility to build it themselves following the indications that the developer offers in this link.