VideoLAN VLC video player is used on most computers by users of almost any operating system because it is multi platform. The main feature of VideoLAN VLC is capable of playing any file type without having appropriate codecs installed on the computer because, by default, comes with a considerable number of these for virtually any audio or video format.

Developers The VideoLAN team VLC has released few hours ago version 2.1 of its media player, according to them, is a major update of the player as they have added many improvements and several bugs fixed in order to remain the media player preferred by most users.

videolan vlc 2.0.1

First, the main improvement that have included this player has been a complete rewrite of the core audio, which will offer users better sound quality with better management and control of sound. It also improves multichannel audio support 5.1 and 7.1 sound.

Added the hardware video decoding for all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.) and added support for new codecs on the market.

An improvement also considers is that VLC is ready to support 4K video, but, for the moment, not many people will enjoy this new feature. Also been enhanced 3D filters for users who play anaglyph 3D video.

A group of people who have not forgotten VLC is fans of Anime series, which brings several enhancements and improvements subtitles when playing mkv format Anime series, while Fixed a crash with color RGB decoding it via OpenGL.