VLC media player is the famous well known in Windows, Linux and Mac Its main feature is the ability to play virtually any type of content without the need to install any codec on your system.

Gradually, VLC has decided to extend its domain and now beginning to see the light on other platforms such as mobile devices. For Android, this player stopped working with the Android 4.4 update KitKat, and users were awaiting update.

vlc for android

Finally, the waiting has ended and is doing just hours VLC has released an update to its media player that functional perfectly on the device using the new operating system from Google, Android 4.4.

This update also adds support for users with its configured to use the new virtual machine Android device, available in Android 4.4 KitKat called ART. As we have seen, the player is running smoothly on devices enabled with ART.

Please remember that VLC for Android is still in beta, so it is very likely to have faults and errors, still shows a window at the start of the application where it says. Despite being a beta version still in development, the operation of this player is excellent, although it may generate an error with some MKV files with a somewhat strange encoding.

This update comes with VLC no more news that support for Android 4.4. Future versions will incorporate it to new functions and correcting errors in this excellent media player.

We can download VLC for Android free from the Play Store.

Do you use VLC Player on Android? What aspects do you think should improve the player?