VLC media player is the most widely used in all kinds of operating systems. This player is known for being multiplatform, easy to use, free, takes up little space on your hard disk and, importantly, it comes with a large number of integrated codecs that allow users to discard known codecs packs that often affect overall team performance.

Since the release of Windows 8 (Windows 8.1 and later), this player has only been compatible with the desktop version, leaving users ModernUI new interface without official client having to use other players to play videos from there.

vlc for windows 8.1

For quite some time VideoLAN announced the development of adapted to ModernUI your VLC player version. Although the information has been appearing dropwise and not too many details are known, VideoLAN has finally released a list of images of the player and has published more information about it.

As we can see, the look is very simple and intuitive to use on touch platforms (which are the main aims towards which the ModernUI interface). With this client we can perform the same functions as the regular desktop version, which will be available to all users who want to continue using it.

VideoLAN also reported on kickstarter, this version will appear in the Windows app store 8.1 “in a couple of days,” so it is possible that over this weekend, barring setbacks, all users can Download this great player.

VLC for Windows 8.1 will be distributed for free. Users who download it should be fixed in the images, in the seller and all the details that appear in the Windows Store because VLC has several times been a victim of identity theft and hackers hung some fake players to ModernUI posing with cost this expected player.

Are you a user of Windows 8.1? You expect the release of this version ModernUI?