As a business owner, there are some areas in which you often want to cut corners, or remove completely if you can. Costs need to be shrunk – it’s a natural part of business – but there are some things you simply can’t remove or downsize. When it comes to online commerce, you need to be in line with current security.

Specifically, you should invest in SSL Cert, rather than simply doing the sheer minimum. Getting the right SSL Certificate has plenty of benefits. More than just adding protection, it encourages customers, and an Extended Validation can help improve this even further.

It works

First of all, SSL Certs are not a gimmick; they work. As a form of encryption, typically in the range of 128 to 256-bit, they offer a great way to mask data sent from customer to business. If you’re taking such details, you often have a legal duty to keep them safe anyway, so the SSL Cert can help you meet these requirements.

As an industry recognised award, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is hard to ignore. Unlike other alternatives, this is known to work and is constantly being improved and refined. Investing in a strong SSL certificate from a globally recognized certificate authority like Thawte will ensure you’re at the forefront of this. If you don’t have one, you’ll fall prey to opportunistic criminals making a profit at the expense of your short-sightedness.

Customers look for it

It’s not just data thieves that look for SSL. While these would-be hackers look for its absence, customers are looking to ensure you have it. SSL has a growing reputation as the baseline of security and it is something that often makes or breaks a customer’s decision to go with you. If you have SSL, the giveaway signs (a padlock symbol and HTTPS URL) reassure customers their data is safe.

If you don’t have it, they may simply look elsewhere. In this regard, SSL isn’t just about data protection – it’s a strong marketing tool. If you have it, showcase it and put your customer’s concerns to rest.

Going EV

Finally, when you do upgrade to SSL, take the time to invest in an Extended Validation. Aside from offering the best SSL encryption, this will also turn your address and padlock green. Again, this helps customers relax and numerous big corporations use EV exclusively over regular SSL. As such, this could arguably be the new standard in a few years, so it’s best to get updated now.