There is nothing worse for an operating system that definitely stagnates. And maybe not permanently, but is the second consecutive time that the new Microsoft operating system market share falls. In fact, the fall in July has affected both Windows 8 as Windows 8.1.

I discussed last month that Windows 8.x had lost market share. This statement took into account the two operating systems, both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In addition, Windows 8 in June lost 0.36 percent and Windows 8.1 gained 0.26 percent so in total, and to be considered the same operating system, Windows 8.x lost 0.10%. Obviously, it is possible that the market share lost by Windows 8 would go to Windows 8.1, but this does nothing but accept that in total are not growing.

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In addition, this month has been reconfirmed. If we look at the data from Net Applications as Windows 8.x, look again losing market share. However, this time, both operating systems. Windows 8 lost 0.01% and 0.05% Windows 8.1.


The market share lost by the new Microsoft operating system is minimal. Therefore, we can consider a statistical anomaly. But what you cannot look away. Might 8.x Windows users are not losing, but neither is winning. It is stuck and it seems that the rumors about Windows 9 will not help your growth.

Moreover Windows XP has also fallen, which is very logical, but very little, a paltry 0.49%. Windows 7, as online continues to grow, increased from 50.55 percent in June to 51.22 percent in July, ie, rose 0.67 percent.

In short, Microsoft should be worried. Having a market share of 12.48 percent in its latest operating system and considering that already a year and a half on the market does not seem any success. It seems they are praying and working for Windows 9 comes to his aid.